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"The headquarters of the Zombie Relief Corps is in the circus tent at the center of town. We want to crush the zombies, except I think they'll crush us."
— Citizen in Threed

The Zombie Relief Corps are a group of people in EarthBound. They are located in the circus tent in the center of Threed and, while aiming to eliminate the town's Zombie problem, are desperate for ideas; one member proposes that they could get all the zombies in the tent and set in on fire, but they may get munched before doing anything.

The Zombie threat is ended in their tent when Ness, Paula, and Jeff place the Zombie Paper (given to the party by Apple Kid through Mach Pizza after the Boogey Tent is defeated) on the circus tent's floor, causing all the zombies to be attracted and stuck here overnight. The chief of the Zombie Relief Corps later tells the Threed Journal that Ness and company saved the town.

Debug Menu

Inside the Zombie Relief Corps's headquarters, making Ness repeatedly Check the area directly below the tent's easternmost pole repeatedly will make the game significantly delay, and eventually display random text in the dialog box. Sometimes, the glitch will result in ephemeral game corruption, turning party members and NPCs into clumps of white pixels and/or random sprites (i.e. a green, upside-down mushroom surrounded by water drops), both variations clustered in single areas and warping around the screen from time to time, with the text box completely invisible aside from its outline. This variation is not known to affect save data or gameplay if the game is shut off or reset. Searching through after the random text stops brings about menus, at least one of which allows inputs of numbers, which bring the Hint Man's text. This could perhaps be some form of debug menu. This glitch was removed in Mother 1 + 2.