"Hello, this is Apple Kid. I just wanted to let you know that I finished a pretty unique invention. I'm not sure if it will help you or not... It's called "Zombie Paper", and it can be used to trap zombies. It works kind of like fly paper... All you need to do is to place the paper on the floor of a tent or something... You've seen at least one tent around, right?.... and then the zombies get stuck to the paper when they move around inside the tent. You can catch a lot of zombies this way... In fact, I bet you could get rid of all the zombies that are terrorizing the area with this paper!"
— Apple Kid

Zombie Paper is a key item in EarthBound. It is an invention created by Apple Kid that functions much in the same way as fly paper does. It attracts, and then adheres zombies to its surface.

Shortly after defeating the Boogey Tent, Apple Kid first lets them know that he has finished his unique invention when he calls Ness and co. on their Receiver Phone. He explains it to them and adds that he has never actually seen a zombie, but if there really are any the Zombie Paper should work. He also adds that he gave the item to the Mach Pizza employee. The employee shortly finds the party and says that he was given instructions to give the Zombie Paper to a boy named Ness wandering around Threed. Since he does not know who Ness is, he pretends that the person he found is Ness anyways and gives the item to him.

Ness and co. then use the Zombie Paper, as Apple Kid implied, on the floor of the Zombie Relief Corps headquarters, which is a circus tent in the middle of Threed. After sleeping for the night in the Threed Sunset Hotel, all the zombies in town can be found stuck to the floor of the tent. These zombies can later be found in the tent's cage or in the cages in southern Threed.

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