"She's back from the dead and fighting fit! She's not a lot different from the Zombie man, so use the same techniques to send her and her companions back to the grave. Drops Rotten Eclair (10%)."
— Mother 3 Guidebook

Zombie Ladies are enemies that appear in Mother 3, roaming through Osohe Castle Cemetery. In Chapter 2, two of them attack Duster in the cemetery with a pair of Zombie Men. Zombie Ladies somewhat resemble the deceased Hinawa.

Afterwards, they can be found in the cemetery up until Chapter 4.


Aside from slightly lower HP and a slightly higher resistance to crying, Zombie Ladies do in fact share the same stats as the Zombie Man, as well as the same battle song and weaknesses as well as the same battle sound (Battle Sound 9).

Most of their time is spent wasting turns, and they have very little in the way of defense, making them relatively easy to defeat. They occasionally drop Rotten Eclairs.