This article is about the EarthBound enemy. For the similar enemy from Mother 3, see Dog Zombie.

Zombie Dogs are enemies that appear in EarthBound. These enemies look like a dark blue-green dog with a revealed rib cage, and are first encountered by Ness and Paula near the mobile circus animal cages south of Threed during the zombie infestation. They make their second appearance in the tunnel to Grapefruit Falls.

The bite attack of these enemies can deal low to moderate damage. Zombie Dogs can utilize their poisonous fangs to inflict the "poison" status ailment to Ness and co. dealing added damage. Luckily, these enemies are vulnerable to Offense PSI like PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, PSI Flash, and some Assist PSI like Paralysis and Hypnosis.

These enemies can be paired up with No Good Flies and Urban Zombies. Their battle theme is "Battle Against a Weird Opponent."