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Zombie Dog
In-Battle Zombie Dog EB In-Battle Zombie Dog M3 Zombiedogback
Sprites Overworld Zombie Dog EBOverworld Zombie Dog M3
Appears in EarthBound, Mother 3
Status Normal
Hit points 210
Psychic points 0
Offense 39
Defense 51
Speed 30
Guts 10
Experience reward 1354
Wealth $54.00
Drops Bottle Rocket (1/32)
Vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, PSI Flash, Hypnosis
Location Threed, Grapefruit Falls
Mother 3
Status Normal
Level 12
Hit points 115
Psychic points 0
Offense 42
Defense 5
IQ 6
Speed 25
Experience reward 29
Wealth 0 DP
Drops Nut Bread (70%)
Vulnerable to Sleep, Wall Staple, PK Fire, Duster's Special Attacks
Location Osohe Castle Cemetery
In-battle theme Fate
Zombie Dogs are enemies that appear in EarthBound and Mother 3. These enemies look like a dark blue-green dog with a revealed rib cage in both of their apperances.

In EarthBound Edit

These enemies are first encountered by Ness and Paula near the mobile circus animal cages south of Threed during the zombie infestation. They make their second appearance in the tunnel to Grapefruit Falls.

The bite attack of these enemies can deal low to moderate damage. Zombie Dogs can utilize their poisonous fangs to inflict the "poison" status ailment to Ness and co. dealing added damage. Luckily, these enemies are vulnerable to Offense PSI like PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, PSI Flash, and some Assist PSI like Paralysis and Hypnosis.

These enemies can be paired up with No Good Flies and Urban Zombies. Their battle theme is "Battle Against a Weird Opponent."

In Mother 3 Edit

"It chews on its own bones in lieu of a snack. Its most charming point is its drooping eyeball"
Battle Memory
"Don't let his winning smile fool you. He's not the toughest enemy around - his bark is worse than his bite. A few hits should be enough to tame him. Drops Nut Bread (70%)."
— Mother 3 Guidebook

The appearance of these enemies are very different from that of EarthBound's. These enemies have an eye drooping from its socket and has uneven teeth. They are in a begging pose, which bears similarity to the stereotypical "Zombie walk". These enemies are first and only encountered by Duster in the cemetery in front of Osohe Castle in Chapter 2.

Their standard attack can deal low to moderate damage. Luckily, unlike their EarthBound equivalents they cannot inflict the "poison" status ailment. These enemies vulnerable to Duster's Hypno-Pendulum which causes sleepiness and his Wall Staples which cause solidification.

Their battle theme is "Fate".

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