MOTHER 3- Zombeat01:11

MOTHER 3- Zombeat

Basic beat right? Hahaha. Yes, especially dealing with the undead!
Sound Player number 73
Code number 1953
Heartbeat code number 1753
Tempo 120 BPM
Enemies Frightbot, Wobbly Robot, Zombie Lady, Zombie Man

Zombeat is an in-battle theme heard in Mother 3. This song normally plays when battling against Zombies and brain-dead creatures. The Zombeat and Tough Zombeat is just the longest, never-ending concerto, consisting a drum solo with cymbals that support it in the background.

Tough ZombeatEdit

Tough Zombeat
MOTHER 3- Tough Zombeat01:06

MOTHER 3- Tough Zombeat

Sound Player number 74
Code number 1153
Heartbeat code number 1853
Tempo 120 BPM
Other tempo 240 BPM at 0:04, 0:07, 0:12, 0:15, 0:19, 0:22, 0:26 and 0:30
Enemies Beaten Drum, Minerali, Reconstructed Lion

Tough Zombeat is the harder variant. It's basically the same, but at every 7 beats, approximately, 2 beats happen at double speed. It's a bit tough to catch this song's beat. This song is also heard when fighting an unused enemy called Mini Elevator.

Trivia Edit

  • Zombeat is a portmanteau of the words "zombie" and "beat."
  • When putting an enemy to sleep, Tough Zombeat's tempo changes at different places compared to the regular rhythm, being the only battle theme to do so.

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