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The Yucca Desert (アドベント, Advent Desert in Mother) is an area in EarthBound Beginnings. It is found to the east of Duncan Factory and Union Station, and north of Merrysville. The fifth melody is found here by using Telepathy on a peculiar-looking cactus. The Ruins of Desert is found in the eastern part of the desert. In the centre of the desert there is an oasis and a tent. A war veteran lives here, and he will allow Ninten and friends to ride his plane. Doing so enough times will allow them to drive his tank. While in the tank, the optional boss R•7037 can be fought.

The name Advent Desert, from Mother, is said to originate from a local myth that Jesus Christ is said to make his second advent in this area in 1000 years.

Easter EggsEdit

Within Yucca Desert, there are two areas where the player can trigger messages from Shigesato Itoi himself, both of which involve keeping those areas and their easter eggs secrets:

  • Near the middle of the desert, there is a pile of talking bones that states "Yucca Desert is the most boring part of the game. Keep this place to yourself, please. Signed... Shigesato Itoi"
  • In the northeastern area of the desert, there is a single tile containing the sole land mine left behind from the war. Stepping on it will trigger a message from Shigesato Itoi, congratulating the player for taking the time to find the land mine, and asking that the player keep this easter egg a secret. Stepping on the mine will also cause a rumor about it to spread around Ellay's Live House, where it is eventually misinterpreted to Ninten stepping on "dog crap".



R•7037 (optional)

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