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Youngtown (Easter) is a village in Mother. Located in a forest south of Yucca Desert, this town is where most of the alien abductions have occured, so as a result it is only occupied by children (except for the Garricksons), hence its English name. It's also the town where Ninten and Ana learn Teleport at.


Map Of Youngtown

A Map Of Youngtown.

Game Mother
Region World of Mother
Music Youngtown

Without enough adults, the town has fallen into a state of disrepair. Weeds have sprouted everywhere, so many trees have grown, causing the town to become a bit of a maze, and nearly everyone lives in constant neglect-induced agony.


  • Paula's theme from EarthBound is a remix of the song played here.
  • In the house with the baby in it, there is a girl who has the same sprite as Ana without her hat on.
  • In the house mentioned above, the Garrickson Baby teaches Ninten and Ana Teleport, but only if you talk to the baby using Telepathy. Talking to it normally will only result in incomprehensible blabber.

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