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You Won!
MOTHER 3- You Won!00:21

MOTHER 3- You Won!

Sound Player number 11
Code number 1943
Tempo 108 BPM
Other tempo 240 BPM at 0:00, then 160 BPM until 0:04

You Won! is a theme in Mother 3 that plays whenever the characters win a battle against a regular enemy.


MOTHER 3- Victorious..00:22

MOTHER 3- Victorious...

Sound Player number 65
Code number 1104
Tempo 108 BPM
Other tempo 120 BPM from 0:00 to 0:04

Victorious... is similar to You Won!, except it plays when the characters defeat a boss. The beginning is slightly more melancholic.

Level Up!Edit

Level Up!
MOTHER 3- Level Up!00:18

MOTHER 3- Level Up!

Sound Player number 66
Code number 9145
Tempo 102 BPM

If after the battle, at least one character levels up, this theme plays.

Learned PSI!Edit

Learned PSI!
MOTHER 3- Learned PSI!00:05

MOTHER 3- Learned PSI!

Sound Player number 99
Code number 1946

When a character is no longer feverish, they learn a new PSI technique and this small jingle plays.

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