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Yogurt dispenser
Appears in EarthBound
Description Items for Jeff. Invented by Apple Kid. If used during combat, some damage will be dealt to the enemy, Though it's not understood why this happens... it's just yogurt after all... Can be used many times.

The Yogurt dispenser, also known as the Gourmet Yogurt Machine, is an item in EarthBound invented by Apple Kid. Initially, its only use is to dispense trout-flavored yogurt, which is what Electra, Geldegarde Monotoli's maid, is looking for. The employee of Escargo Express who is first supposed to bring the Yogurt dispenser to Ness and co. loses it in the Monkey Cave, because it was sent using Escargo Express's neglected class. If Jeff uses the Yogurt dispenser in battle, it shoots yogurt at enemies to slightly damage them. Also, using the yogurt dispenser outside of battle as Ness makes the game state it's a Broken bazooka[1]. However, hacking the game or using the Yogurt dispenser in Debug Mode oddly makes the game state that it is a Broken tube.



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