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Yo-yos are weapons that can be equipped, and appears in EarthBound and Mother 3. This weapon can be shared among party members. There are at least three yo-yos in each game, and they are obtained from Drugstores, selected shops, gift boxes, and events. Despite the fact that yo-yos are used as bludgeoning weapons, they replace the Bash command with the Shoot command. Because of this fact, yo-yo users in EarthBound cannot perform SMAAAASHing hits.

In EarthBound Edit

These yo-yos are sold at most drugstores. Depending on the user, it can enhance their attack stat. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo are all able to wield yo-yos, however, if Poo equips a yo-yo, it will lower his attack stat. Most yo-yos miss 18.75% of the time. The yo-yos mentioned in Earthbound are:

  • Yo-yo -- First found by Ness. Can be bought at a drugstore. It is bought for $29 and sold for $14. This item increases the offense by 6.
  • Trick Yo-yo -- Another item found by Ness and Jeff. It is bought at the Fourside Department Store. It is bought for $998 and sold for $499. This item increases the offense by 46.
  • Combat Yo-yo -- Another item found by Ness and co. It is bought at the Deep Darkness Arms Dealer. It is bought for $1148 and sold for $574. This item increases the offense by 54.

In Mother 3 Edit

Yo-yos don't appear in Mother 3 until Chapter 5. They are sold at shops, and one of those yo-yos are obtained in events. Flint, Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster are among the only people known to equip the yo-yo. In Mother 3, it doesn't tend to miss. The yo-yos mentioned in Mother 3 are:

  • Handy Yo-yo -- Obtained by Lucas in the Highway shop. It is sold for 350 DP. It increases the offense by 20.
  • Spiky Weapon -- Obtained by Lucas in Tanetane Island in Chapter 7. Sold for 3240 DP. It increases the offense by 47.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Friend's Yo-yo is shown to the Masked Man or Porky, they will applaud.
  • In the SNES game Kirby Super Star, the main character, Kirby, can get the Yo-yo ability, which changes his appearance with a red and blue baseball cap and lets him use a Yo-yo. This could be an Earthbound reference.

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