Yo-yos are weapons that can be equipped and appears in EarthBound and Mother 3. This weapon can be shared among party members. There are at least three yo-yos in each game, and they are obtained from Drugstores, selected shops, gift boxes, and events. Despite the fact that yo-yos are used as bludgeoning weapons, they replace the Bash command with the Shoot command. Because of this fact, yo-yo users in EarthBound cannot perform SMAAAASHing hits.

In EarthBound

These yo-yos are sold at most drugstores. Depending on the user, it can enhance their attack stat. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo are all able to wield yo-yos, however, if Poo equips a yo-yo, it will lower his attack stat. Most yo-yos miss 18.75% of the time. The yo-yos mentioned in Earthbound are:

  • Yo-yo -- First found by Ness. Can be bought at a drugstore. It is bought for $29 and sold for $14. This item increases the offense by 6.
  • Trick Yo-yo -- Another item found by Ness and Jeff. It is bought at the Fourside Department Store. It is bought for $998 and sold for $499. This item increases the offense by 46.
  • Combat Yo-yo -- Another item found by Ness and co. It is bought at the Deep Darkness Arms Dealer. It is bought for $1148 and sold for $574. This item increases the offense by 54.

In Mother 3

Yo-yos don't appear in Mother 3 until Chapter 5. They are sold at shops, and one of those yo-yos are obtained in events. Flint, Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster are among the only people known to equip the yo-yo. In Mother 3, it doesn't tend to miss. The yo-yos mentioned in Mother 3 are:

  • Handy Yo-yo -- Obtained by Lucas in the Highway shop. It is sold for 350 DP. It increases the offense by 20.
  • Spiky Weapon -- Obtained by Lucas in Tanetane Island in Chapter 7. Sold for 3240 DP. It increases the offense by 47.


  • If the Friend's Yo-yo is shown to the Masked Man or Porky, they will applaud.
  • In the SNES game Kirby Super Star, the main character, Kirby, can get the Yo-yo ability, which changes his appearance with a red and blue baseball cap and lets him use a Yo-yo. Along with this, the background on Kirby's Ability Photo are green and blue tiles, similar to that of the File Select Screen in Earthbound. This could be an Earthbound reference.
    Yoyo Kirby

    The Banner on the Yoyo Power up in Kirby Super Star resembles that of the background within the Title Select Screen in Earthbound.

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