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EarthBound 64 Mother 3 comparison

Yado Inn in both Mother 3 and Mother 64

Yado Inn is a place in Tazmily Village. It's a place where you can rest and heal yourself and party.


Spoilers: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Yado Inn is in Tazmily Village. It's owned by Jackie and Tessie. There are three rooms: one room has a Save Frog, one has nothing, and one has a resting place. In Chapter 1, Lighter rests in the second room with a broken leg. In Chapter 3, Salsa and Fassad rest in the second room. In the 3 year change, Yado Inn has become a full-fleged hotel. In EarthBound 64, Yado Inn is the same, but more western-like.

Spoilers end here.


  • The owners may be refrenced to Jackie from Jackie's Cafe and Tessie as the lake monster in Winters.
  • Ironicaly enough, the name "yado" is "inn" in Japanese.

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