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Wound-Up Road Hog

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Wound-Up Road Hog
Wound-Up Road Hog Battle Wounduproadhogback
Sprites Wound-Up Road Hog
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Mechanical chimera
Level 27
Hit points 420
Psychic points 0
Offense 98
Defense 36
IQ 10
Speed 34
Experience reward 150
Wealth 33
Drops Secret Herb (10%)
Vulnerable to Crying, PK Fire
Location Highway
In-battle theme Intense Guys

The Wound-Up Road Hog is an enemy that appears Mother 3. They inhabit the recently constructed Highway.

They appear as boars with round wheels replacing their legs, and a wind-up key on their back that controls their movement.


Wound-Up Road Hogs can charge for moderate damage to one target, and attack multiple targets wildly. Their wind-up key occasionally breaks, preventing them from attacking for the rest of the battle.

The Road Hogs are weak to crying and PK Fire, and rarely drop a Secret Herb when defeated.

Battle MemoryEdit

"A boar with a rigged up spring. And not the water kind, either."

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