Wound-Up Road Hog
Wound-Up Road Hog Battle Wounduproadhogback
Sprites Wound-Up Road Hog
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Mechanical chimera
Level 27
Hit points 420
Psychic points 0
Offense 98
Defense 36
IQ 10
Speed 34
Experience reward 150
Wealth 33
Drops Secret Herb (10%)
Vulnerable to Crying, PK Fire
Location Highway
In-battle theme Intense Guys

The Wound-Up Road Hog is an enemy that appears Mother 3. They inhabit the recently constructed Highway.

They appear as boars with round wheels replacing their legs, and a wind-up key on their back that controls their movement.


Wound-Up Road Hogs can charge for moderate damage to one target, and attack multiple targets wildly. Their wind-up key occasionally breaks, preventing them from attacking for the rest of the battle.

The Road Hogs are weak to crying and PK Fire, and rarely drop a Secret Herb when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 48 which falls under Code Numbers 903 for regular attack, 904 for Smaaaash! and 905 for Miss.

Battle MemoryEdit

"A boar with a rigged up spring. And not the water kind, either."

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