"This was thrown together for no real reason. There's no use for it, so it was set free on the highway."
Battle Memory  

The Wobbly Robot is an enemy in Mother 3 that can be found on the Highway. The highway is also home to its broken counterpart; these robots were later upgraded so that they no longer wobble. They tend to appear around Atomic Power Robots. As their scrap counterparts are the equivalent to Scrappers, they may be a new version of the Old Robo from EarthBound Beginnings.


In addition to standard attacks and bum-rushes, they can spray forgetfulness gas to disable special techniques, and may numb characters with an electromagnetic pulse. They have a weakness to Thunder attacks. This is a less viable if an Atomic Power Robot appears with a Wobbly Robot, due to the former's constant healing and the explosion that a PK Thunder might cause by killing the enemy.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 15 which falls under Code Numbers 481 for regular attack, 482 for Smaaaash! and 483 for Miss. It is the only enemy with this battle sound that doesn't require hacking or Kumatora's Brainshock in order for it to use regular physical attacks that use a battle sound. It shares this distinction with Upgraded Robot which uses Battle Sound 3.