The Whatever is a type of enemy in Mother 3 that appears in Thunder Tower. They are a form of chimera apparently combined from the head of a beaver and robot legs, with their brains exposed in the glass domes covering their scalps.

These are one of the few enemies that need to be interacted with to initiate battle; otherwise, after having a speech bubble with a heart in it appear over their head, the Whatever will simply follow Lucas and co. around the room.


They use HP-sucking attacks and Brainshock α, and can solidify party members by becoming affectionate. Whatevers can waste a turn by beeping, and they can turn around to look the other way.

They are extremely minor threats (if considered threats at all), and are extremely weak to PK Fire; their method of encounter, along with their turning around, also makes back attacks easy. Whatevers drop Magic Gelatin occasionally when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 35 which falls under Code Numbers 864 for regular attack, 865 for Smaaaash! and 866 for Miss. Not including Alkaline Man, its battle sound is used exclusively by enemies in Thunder Tower.