Walking Bushie
Walking Bushie 1 Walking Bushie 2
Sprites Walking Bushie Overworld
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 15
Hit points 108
Psychic points 84
Offense 45
Defense 22
IQ 18
Speed 20
Experience reward 8
Wealth 0
Drops Antidote (10% chance)
Vulnerable to Sleep
PK Fire
Location Mt. Oriander
In-battle theme Cumbersome Guys
"Kindly heals people who are hurt, whether they like it or not. But its name is a little iffy."
Battle Memory

Walking Bushies are enemies encountered in the Mt. Oriander area in Mother 3. These sleepy, bush-like creatures that are first encountered by Flint in Chapter 1, and can be seen until Chapter 7.


Unlike most enemies, Walking Bushies do not deal any damage: in battle, they either heal a party member with Lifeup α, use Healing α, generate fresh air to remove all status ailments from a character, or become friendly and affectionate.

If they are not defeated or run away from, they can greet everyone politely and leave. If defeated normally, it may drop an antidote.

If, however, Kumatora uses Brainshock on it, it will attack sometimes. This is the only way to hear its battle sound, which is Battle Sound 15, which falls under Code Numbers 481 for regular attack, 482 for Smaaaash! and 483 for Miss.

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