Venus (ビーナス Venus) is a character in EarthBound. She is first seen onstage with the Runaway Five during a show. After they leave the Topolla Theater, her singing becomes the main attraction. Her sprite has a slight resemblance to the Mysterious Woman.

In order to gain entrance to the Your Sanctuary location Magnet Hill, the player must bring Venus' autograph to Mr. Spoon at the Dinosaur Museum in Fourside. During her show, Mr. Spoon can be seen running up on the stage and being taken away by security, with her backing up while still singing, implying that she was spooked by Mr. Spoon's presence yet improvised despite this. After the show, Venus signs a banana peel for Ness and gives him a kiss.

The post-game mentions that Venus has taken a job at being a photographic model in addition to being a singer. It is implied (and in the Japanese version, said straight) by a statement by her mother that the specific kind of model is a nude model.

Venus is first mentioned when spoke to an N.P.C. in Twoson. The person says that Venus is a famous singer and says that she forgot Venus' stage name.