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    Let's Get This Started!

    August 12, 2013 by Kirbyddd

    Hey guys! (and girls) Even though this place is already good, let's make this place perfect!  I come from the Pikmin Wiki, which used to be really run down, but when Pikmin 3 was announced everyone started working hard and pouring hours into the Wiki, when that happened...BOOM! everything got HUGE.  They Have almost every fact about Pikmin and are constantly expanding!  They are now even trying to get the official strstegy guides and soundtracks now!  With the new Virtual Console release and the information this Wiki already has we can get running start!  As many of you know, Nintendo has put up a fee digital version of the original manual and guide here!  We can get this place up and running like Yamauchi himself made it.  We can make thiā€¦

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