Hey everybody today's my birthday and I want to thank 4 people.

Ilikechese,Dhuzy,Unsane (I forgot your new user name),and Frombeyondthestars.

Ilikechese your different from other admins your fun loving and kind like your some other member and I love that.

Dhuzy your my first friend on the site and I love who you are and I love working in unison with you your the best.

Unsane your different and I love that we have a darker connection and I think that's why I love your personality.

Frombeyondthestars your wise and helpful you know what to and when to do and you don't take shit from no one and that's what I love about you.

In my personal opinion we kicked Wikibound's ass thanks to all of you I love you all FOVEVERMORE.

Yours truly chAngE the soul love the erudite (talk) 02:43, December 8, 2012 (UTC)

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