I'm running experiments on how to keep Pippi for the whole game so far my hypothesis is proven to be of use.

I now have the third melody and I still have Pippi i used a game genie code so i can walk thought walls but i haven't enter the Magicant yet.

I've enter and left the Magicant and no gliching so far.

I'm in Merryfield and Pippi fainted because of a PK Beam gamma also I met Loid but before I get him in my party I will revie her so Loid won't be ahead of Pippi because I fear that he may stay in front of her.

Ninten Is Lv 10 and Pippi is Lv 11 one thing to notice is that when you have someone with you you don't need to be at a very strong level because with someone with you there added damage will equal to or more than the damage you would do when your by yourself at a hight level.

I made it to reindeer and Loid is in front of Pippi I guess the game was programmed to have Loid in front Pippi is still growing at a fast pace she's Lv17 now and he has the strongest weapon she can equip the boomerang another thing to take note is that he offense is over 100 I have a feeling that Pippi will make the game very easy.

I have Ana in my party also sorry didn't update in a while but with Ana i can't check her items and i can't heal heer and her name is only seen when both Loid and Ninten both faint; Pippi never fainted but i'm scared what will happen. Aslo Ana is at the end this means she was programed to be at the end.

I got the fourth melody and Pippi turned to stone but luckly I went to magicant and sadly Ana fainted but I'll revive her.

I managed to get the fifth and sixth melody but I tired to fight the robot in the desert (I forgot his name) and I lost but Pippi was still in the character box. Ninten is Lv.26,Loid is Lv.26,Pippi is Lv.30, and Ana is still fainted and Lv.8.

I made it to Mt.Itoi and when I said yes to Teddy he didn't join my party and both Ninten and Loid fainted and I revived Ana and made her Lv.24,Ninten Lv.27,Loid Lv.27, Pippi Lv.37. The way Teddy didn't join my party means I skiped the scene in which Teddy is injuied so I will skip to Itoti lake.

While at Ioti I got a lot of experience and thankfully I got EVE's melody in the beginning of the game so her not joining my party isn't a problem. I'm very eager to fight Giygas.

I did I beat the game with Pippi and I have a screenshot.

EarthBound Zero (Mother 1) (U)

I beat the game with Pippi.

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