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  • Erudite bound

    Its my birthday

    December 8, 2012 by Erudite bound

    Hey everybody today's my birthday and I want to thank 4 people.

    Ilikechese,Dhuzy,Unsane (I forgot your new user name),and Frombeyondthestars.

    Ilikechese your different from other admins your fun loving and kind like your some other member and I love that.

    Dhuzy your my first friend on the site and I love who you are and I love working in unison with you your the best.

    Unsane your different and I love that we have a darker connection and I think that's why I love your personality.

    Frombeyondthestars your wise and helpful you know what to and when to do and you don't take shit from no one and that's what I love about you.

    In my personal opinion we kicked Wikibound's ass thanks to all of you I love you all FOVEVERMORE.

    Yours truly chAngE the soul lov…

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  • Erudite bound

    Forever more

    October 9, 2012 by Erudite bound

    I'm running experiments on how to keep Pippi for the whole game so far my hypothesis is proven to be of use.

    I now have the third melody and I still have Pippi i used a game genie code so i can walk thought walls but i haven't enter the Magicant yet.

    I've enter and left the Magicant and no gliching so far.

    I'm in Merryfield and Pippi fainted because of a PK Beam gamma also I met Loid but before I get him in my party I will revie her so Loid won't be ahead of Pippi because I fear that he may stay in front of her.

    Ninten Is Lv 10 and Pippi is Lv 11 one thing to notice is that when you have someone with you you don't need to be at a very strong level because with someone with you there added damage will equal to or more than the damage you would …

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