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  • I live in a large container of yogurt
  • My occupation is pointing out flaws in every sentence
  • I am a mean green meme machine
  • DB511611

    I've reached Giygas in the game. I messed up at one point and realized I have no charms at all. My Travel Charm Is gone. I'm not sure where it went. I might have sold it. I didn't buy a Great Charm which I totally could've bought but didn't because I didn't see use for it. (yea I suck). I saved my progress in the Caves Of The Past so I cannot go back. I'm very vulnerable to Giygas's attacks which kills my characters insantly. The farthest I've gotten is phase 3 with 3 prayers.

    I'm asking anyone who knows. Should I restart the entire game so I can get up to the point I am now but with a charm or two. or is it possible to beat Giygas under these conditions. If my level matters I an grind up to a certain one as well.

    Thank you for reading this. …

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