Hello Earthbound veterans! :D I'm relatively new to the series but always held an interest in it since I played as Ness in SSB 64 as a kid.

I plan on purchasing EarthBound Beginnings and Earthbound on the Wii U's Virtual Console later today, but I know I'm going to be asking these questions sooner or later. Why not sooner, right?

Alright, first up, do I need an emulator program to run the English Mother 3 ROM? Please, if you can, link me.

Is there an official source of the English Mother 3 ROM I can download it from? I've downloaded butt-tons of trojans before, so please help me out. Possible link?

Just read on and Earthbound Central that the actual ROM is in Japanese. So, I've found the patch. Yay! I still need the original ROM.

The only reason I'm bugging you busy guys and gals is, as said, I've had a bad history with downloads. I currently have no antivirus software, so please don't link me to anything that hosts links even remotely risky.

I'm sure I'll update this blog, but I'd really appreciate anyone willing to help me. Thanks!

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