Upgraded Robot
Upgraded Robot 1 Upgraded Robot 2
Sprites Upgraded Robot Sprite
Relatives Scrapped Robot
Wobbly Robot
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type mechanical
Level 58
Hit points 921
Psychic points 0
Offense 152
Defense 120
IQ 52
Speed 44
Experience reward 4272
Wealth 287
Drops Horus Bandana (3% chance)
Vulnerable to PK Thunder
Location Empire Porky Building's Laboratory Level
In-battle theme More Mischievous Blues
"This improved Wobbly Robot no longer wobbles. Why wasn't it made this way to begin with? No one knows."
Battle Memory

Upgraded Robots are enemies in Mother 3, found in the Laboratory section of the Empire Porky Building. As per the Battle Memory, they are upgraded versions of the Wobbly Robot, with sleeker designs.


Upgraded Robots can perform bum-rushes, spray forgetfulness gas to disable a character's special techniques, and emit an intense light that will instantly KO a party member. Use the Siren Beetle and PK Thunder/Thunder Bombs to end the battle as quickly as possible without the party being decimated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 3 which falls under Code Numbers 445 for regular attack, 446 for Smaaaash! and 447 for Miss. It is the only enemy with this battle sound that doesn't require hacking or Kumatora's Brainshock in order for it to use regular physical attacks that use a battle sound. It shares this distinction with Wobby Robot which uses Battle Sound 15.

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