The Unused Bear Enemy, aliased as (EMPTY) in its in-game battle, is a unused enemy in Mother 3. Hence its name, its sprite is a bear. The only attack it can do is a biting attack to attack Lucas and co. in the Debug Room if accessed its code to battle it. It is the first unused enemy with no background, so its background appears pitch black unlike other enemies, who all have backgrounds and some unused enemies. The unused bear enemy has no back sprite for some reason.


  • It is the only enemy to have no back sprite.
  • It is the only enemy who has no background so it appears pitch black.
  • Used counterparts in Mother series games: Bear, GrizzlyBear.
  • Its sprite appears as a brown bear with its hands holding its stomach and biting Lucas and co., possibly that its hungry and wants to eat Lucas and co. as if it is carnivorous.
  • After defeat, it gives 12345 EXP, which is the most EXP.

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