Uncontrollable crying is a status ailment present in EarthBound and Mother 3. In both games, it greatly increases the chance that a physical attack will miss. PSI abilities are not affected by this, and can still be used normally. It is similar to the stock blind status ailment that many RPGs share.

In EarthBound Edit

Uncontrollable crying in EarthBound can be caused by various enemy attacks, from Master Belch's burp to a Mad Taxi's exhaust fumes, or the unfortunate effects of Paula's Praying. It lasts until the end of the battle, and it can be cured by PSI Healing β, Cup of lifenoodles, Horn of life, Refreshing herb and Secret herb.

In Mother 3 Crying Edit

In Mother 3, this status ailment works almost exactly the same as it does in EarthBound. It can be cured by PSI Healing or Tear drops. In Mother 3 this status ailment can be inflicted by a non-PSI ability with the text "The Barrier Pose made the dissipate!", which causes all party members to cry. Used by Clayman.

Lucas and Party With Crying

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