The Uncontrollable Sphere is an enemy that appears in EarthBound. It is found in the Lumine Hall and the Spiral of Magicant; in the former area, it may appear with Fobbies, Hyper Spinning Robos, and Conducting Spirits. They are black palette swaps of the Smilin' Sphere with purple mouths, and share the same overworld sprite as well.


Uncontrollable Spheres start the battle with a PSI Shield α. They tend to use a standard attack, then two rounds of PSI Fire (α, then β), followed by laughing maniacally.

Like Smilin' Spheres, they explode when defeated, causing massive damage to the party. Uncontrollable Spheres drop 20,389 exp. points and $796 when defeated, and have a 1/128 chance of dropping a Broken Antenna, which can be fixed and made into the Gaia Beam, Jeff's ultimate weapon.