The Twoson Bus Station is a location in EarthBound. It can be found in Twoson, nearby the Mach Pizza facility. When Ness first tries to catch a bus to Threed, the driver informs Ness that due to the ghosts in the Two-Three Tunnel between the towns, he is not confident that they would arrive at Threed. If Ness insists on taking the bus, he must pay the $2 toll just to see for himself. The bus driver's prediction rings true when the ghosts loop the bus back to Twoson, and Ness is given the choice of getting off the bus just outside the Two-Three Tunnel or back at the Twoson Bus Station.

Once the ghosts from Threed are all cleared out and Master Belch is defeated, the party is free to use the station to go between Twoson and Threed.

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