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Try Kind of Hard!
Sound Player number 234
Code number 156

Try Kind of Hard is a song in Mother 3 that plays when facing Mini-Porky in a mini-game on the Empire Porky Building. It is a fast-paced song perfect for a series of mini-games.

And... Stop!Edit

And... Stop!
Sound Player number 235
Code number 1548

And... Stop! plays when a mini-game finishes.

Try Kind of Hard! (unused alternate)Edit

Try Kind of Hard! (unused alternate)
Code number 436

An unused version of Try Kind of Hard! was found inside the game. This version merely uses the main part of Try Kind of Hard!.

And... Stop! (unused alternate)Edit

And... Stop! (unused alternate)
Code number 437

This is a different and unused version of And... Stop! that goes with the unused version of Try Kind of Hard!.

Mini-Porky's EntranceEdit

Mini-Porky's Entrance
Sound Player number 233
Code number 1547

Mini-Porky's Entrance is a jingle that plays when Mini-Porky enters a mini-game. It is a short remix of LOG-O-TYPE.

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