Troublesome Guys
MOTHER 3- Troublesome Guys00:55

MOTHER 3- Troublesome Guys

Sound Player number 30
Code number 1947
Heartbeat code number 1747
Tempo 162 BPM
Enemies Firefly, Fenomeno

Troublesome Guys is a battle theme in Mother 3. This upbeat song is rather simple, seeing as it only has some drums in the background that represent the tempo, and a simple trombone riff that toggles between 4 notes, first up, then down. It's quite easy to combo, but it requires some fast fingers. This theme song is aptly named: it usually plays when battling against tough opponents, even if those foes were a threat in real life.

More Troublesome GuysEdit

More Troublesome Guys
MOTHER 3- More Troublesome Guys00:55

MOTHER 3- More Troublesome Guys

Sound Player number 61
Code number 1147
Heartbeat code number 1847
Tempo 162 BPM
Other tempo Missing beats at 0:13 and 0:25
Enemies Ancient Dragonfly, Balding Eagle, Blue Balding Eagle, Lingering Spirit, Pyrefly, Slitherhen

More Troublesome Guys is the harder version of Troublesome Guys. It plays basically the same, but at every 32 beats, an extra space is added before the rhythm continues. This beat is filled with a techno sound and should not be hit when attempting to combo.


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