"It got sick of being a plant, so it gave walking a try. There's no going back now!"
Battle Memory

The Tree is an enemy encountered in Mother 3. They appear in Drago Plateau during Flint and Alec's search for the missing Claus. They are hard to distinguish from the normal trees in the area until they start moving.

They can be encountered up until Chapter 7; after the party leaves Tanetane Island, they are replaced by Tender Loving Trees.


Trees have dangerously high offense to power its standard attack. Like all tree-type foes in the series, it can use a vacuum attack that lowers Flint's Offense and Defense. It will also try to call for help from nearby Balding Eagles, and will occasionally spread its roots into the earth.

Also, like most tree-type enemies, they will violently burst into flames when defeated. This deals about 200 damage and can potentially cause Mortal damage, even after the Tree's defeat. Given Flint's low HP at this early stage in the game, and the fact that Flint will still take roughly 10-12 damage due to the scrolling HP meter, the player will want to avoid them whenever possible. They sometimes drop Nut Bread upon defeat.

His battle sound is Battle Sound 18 which is exclusive to tree enemies and falls under Code Numbers 490 for regular attack, 491 for Smaaaash! and 492 for Miss.