"This shack was locked by someone from City Hall, so we can't use it. The reason it was closed was 'cause a punk named Frank may have trashed the place. What a drag. We can't even change our clothes, and hotels are too expensive..."
— A traveling entertainer

The Traveling Entertainer's Shack is the only way to get to Giant Step and, as the name implies, is a shack being used by two traveling entertainers as a place to change out of their costumes. However, when Ness first meets them they will tell him that Onett City Hall locked the door under the suspicion that Frank Fly had ruined the building.

After Ness defeats Frank Fly, he can get the Key to the Shack from the Mayor, which unlocks the door. He can then receive a Travel charm from one of the grateful entertainers. Inside, the building's back wall is smashed open, and functions as a door.

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