Travel Charm
Appears in EarthBound
Type Equippable
Cost $60
Sells for $30
Equip Type Body
Equip Bonuses Protects from paralysis
Heals 180 HP
Found Onett, Burglin Park, Saturn Valley, Peaceful Rest Valley
Description Must be equipped on your body. It protects you from paralysis attacks.

The Travel Charm is an item available in EarthBound. It can be bought in some areas such as Twoson's Burglin Park and Saturn Valley's stores. When equipped to a character, it makes him/her immune to Paralysis.

The Travel Charm can be acquired when you unlock the shack door at the entrance of the cave leading to Giant Step. Upon unlocking the door, you can talk to one of the people in front of it and he will congratulate you and award you with a Travel Charm.

It can also be acquired via a present found in Peaceful Rest Valley.

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