"Here's a map. Onett isn't the only thing on the map. All the info is there, except for the info that isn't there. Pressing the X Button allows you to view the map at any time. How convenient! You know, the X Button... located near the top. Ha ha ha."
Onett Library Librarian

The Town map is an optional key item in EarthBound. It can be obtained from the librarian in the Onett Library, and is used by either pressing the X button or selecting it in the inventory.

While it is called the Town map, it actually has information on six distinct locations: Onett, Twoson, Threed, Fourside, Summers (including Toto), and Scaraba. If it is used elsewhere, a message appears saying "This town is not shown on the map." Each town is shown with flashing indicators showing points of interest, such as the location of Hotels and Hospitals.

The librarian who gives the party the map states that kids are only allowed to borrow maps at the town library, and also notes that "a man without a map isn't popular with the girls." if the map is refused. She also says that they should come back in the year 2001 to return it. However, as the console has no internal clock, returning the map is impossible.


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