The Tough Guy is a rare enemy in Earthbound.

Tough Guy
Toughguy clay
Dosukoi Otoko
Sprites Tgs
Appears in EarthBound
Status Enemy
Hit points 342
Psychic points 0
Offense 72
Defense 92
Speed 18
Guts 20
IQ 3
Experience reward 606
Wealth 71
Drops Chick (32/128)
Location Summers beach

Its main attacks consist of "coming out swinging", which deals moderate damage to a party member, and losing its temper, which raises its Offense. It appears on the beach, can be paired with the Over Zealous Cop, and yields absurdly high EXP. However, it is just as absurd in terms of rarity, to the point where one can play through the game several times over and never encounter a single Tough Guy.


  • The Tough Guy bears a resemblance to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and may be a reference to him.

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