Toto is a port village in EarthBound, directly east of the city of Summers. Both towns are in the region of Foggyland, and are first accessed when Ness and co. crash the Sky Runner into the Summers beach. Despite being the only populated area that cannot be teleported to alongside Happy Happy Village, Toto is fairly significant to the plot of EarthBound.

It is home to the man who gives Ness the Stoic Club's phone number (therefore giving Tony the opportunity to find out the player's name) and the captain whose wife is always at the Stoic Club in Summers selling the Magic Cake needed to meet Poo; he eventually takes (for $20 per person) Ness and friends to Scaraba despite the danger of the Kraken. Toto is also home to a shop, the only three cats that appear in EarthBound  besides the one on top of Paula's house in Twoson, (however, one is indoors and is only acknowledged by its "Meow." through the door), and several other people. Oddly, the EarthBound Player's Guide states that there is only one captain in Toto. However, the sprites of two captains can be seen in the game.