Top Dogfish
Top Dogfish Battle
Sprites Top Dogfish TopDogfish2
Relatives Dogfish
Affiliations Chimera Laboratory
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Rare Enemy
Level 48
Hit points 861
Psychic points 120
Offense 132
Defense 58
IQ 38
Speed 40
Experience reward 2032
Wealth 869
Drops Meteotite 100%
Vulnerable to PK Thunder, Paralysis
Location The pond east of the Chimera Laboratory
In-battle theme Toppling March
"This unbalanced Chimera is half legendary giant fish, the "Master of the Sea", and half plain ol' dog."
Battle Memory

The Top Dogfish is an enemy found in Mother 3. These chimeras are found in the pond east of the Chimera Lab in Murasaki Forest, where they may appear alongside their lesser brethren. The Top Dogfish has the head of a dog, the body of a fish, and bird claws as feet. They can appear as early as Chapter 4.

The Top Dogfish's name is a play on the dogfish, a name used for several species of shark, and "top dog", an idiom for a boss or leader.


The Top Dogfish's offense gives it a high-damage standard attack, and it utilizes PSI such as the strong PK Freeze with ease. Its Dogfish cohorts, who are troublesome on their own, share similar abilities; this coupled with the Top Dogfish's high HP may mean a long, hard, fight for Lucas and company. Its theme is Toppling March.

They are weak to Thunder and paralysis. Upon its defeat, the Top Dogfish is guaranteed to drop a Meteotite, an item that sells for 2,500 DP.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 17 which falls under Code Numbers 487 for regular attack, 488 for Smaaaash! and 489 for Miss.

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