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Titanic Ant
Titanic Ant Clay Model
Sprites Titanic Ant In-BattleShining Spot Sprite
Relatives Gigantic Ant
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Hit points 235
Psychic points 102
Offense 19
Defense 23
Speed 6
Guts 9
Experience reward 685
Wealth $150.00
Location Onett caves
"The first major enemy you'll encounter on this journey is the Titanic Ant. To sink it, you'll have to use both PSI attacks and regular Bash attacks."
EarthBound Player's Guide

"I am the Guardian of Giant Step. I'm your first obstacle, right in your own home town. Your beginning ends with me, on your first venture. You dare try to squish me? Boy, I'll break you first!"
— Titanic Ant

Titanic Ant, known as Giant Ant in Japan, is the guardian of the first Your Sanctuary location in EarthBound, Giant Step. It resembles a large Black Antoid, and was probably altered by the power of Giant Step. It is accompanied in battle by two Black Antoids. 

The Gigantic Ant, a palette swap of the Titanic Ant, appears much later in the game.

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