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Sprites Titanian TitanianM3 TitanianM3back
Relatives Titany, Sky Titany
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings, Mother 3
EarthBound Beginnings
Hit points 320
Psychic points 0
Offense 100
Defense 420
Fight 60
Speed 70
Wisdom 200
Force 25
Experience reward 180
Wealth $130
Location Mt. Itoi plateau
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 45
Hit points 450
Psychic points 38
Offense 135
Defense 110
IQ 44
Speed 46
Experience reward 1005
Wealth 325
Drops Secret Herb 10%
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, Paralysis
Location Tanetane Island

Titanians are enemies in EarthBound Beginnings and Mother 3 resembling scorpions. Among other attacks, it can use Hypnosis. They can be found on Mt. Itoi and during Chapter 7 on Tanetane Island, respectively. In Mother 3, like with all Titanies, its battle sound is Battle Sound 13 which falls under Code Numbers 475 for regular attack, 476 for Smaaaash! and 477 for Miss.

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