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Tiny Li'l Ghosts are ghosts in EarthBound that appear as the result of being possessed. These enemies cannot be fought in battle, because they are technically in Ness's party. They appear in the overworld as a little ghost that swirls around the head of whoever in the party is possessed. These ghosts first appear in Threed cemetery and are introduced by Zombie Possessors in battle.

Tiny li'l ghost

A Tiny Li'l Ghost sprite circling a possessed party member.

During battle, they generally do 1 damage per turn to the Possessed character, and on occasion, freeze their opponents with their 'Icy Hand'. If the possessed party member is hit by PSI Fire, the Tiny Li'l Ghosts will take damage and may be removed. They may also be attacked by anyone who is Feeling Strange. These can be easily removed by the Healers found in Hospitals.


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