The Tiny Forest is an unused enemy from Mother 3. In the overworld, this appears as a normal enemy; in battle, its appearance changes completely.

Unlike most unused enemies, the Tiny Forest has a wide range of attacks. It can swing its branches around to damage two party members, use Brainshock Ω, and use a vaccuum attack to lower a party member's Offense and Defense; the latter two are moves shared by all tree-type enemies in the series (or the Oak enemies from EarthBound, in Brainshock's case)It can also absorb nourishment from the earth, restoring about 300 HP. The Tiny Forest can be turned around, just like a normal enemy.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 30, which falls under Code Numbers 526 for regular attack, 527 for Smaaaash! and 528 for Miss.


  • Tiny Forest and Alkaline Man are the only unused enemies who do not have a face or black box for a sprite, instead having their own sprites. Of the two, Tiny Forest is the only one that attacks. Additionally, it is also one of the few unused enemies to not have More Mischievous Blues as its battle music.