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Thunder and Storm
6 - Thunder and Storm
Sprites Shining Spot Sprite
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Hit points 2065
Psychic points 70
Offense 111
Defense 178
Speed 21
Guts 35
Experience reward 129,026
Wealth $4736.00
Vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, PSI Flash
Location Pink Cloud
"These twin terrors attack with the power of the elements. Find shelter from the onslaught and use PSI powers to attack the two of them at once."
EarthBound Player's Guide
"We are the guardians of Pink Cloud. Oh hello prince! We see you've brought friends with you. But what's this? They're outsiders. This will not do for your honor. Such outsiders do not deserve your presence, not even that boy... We make better company; we are of two, but fight like one."
— Thunder and Storm

Thunder and Storm are the guardians of the sixth "Your Sanctuary" location in EarthBound, Pink Cloud. As their names imply, their attacks include the ability to use a Crashing Boom Bang Attack (PSI Thunder), as well as summoning a storm. They waste every other turn taking deep breaths, perhaps because they get to attack twice per turn. They can also rush in and intertwine with Ness or the others.


  • The music played during the fight is the same music played during the Kraken and Electro Specter fights.
  • Storm holds a large palm leaf, which in Japanese mythology is often used by magical creatures as a way to cause storms.

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