The Threed Sunset Hotel is a minor location and hotel in EarthBound. It is located in the town of Threed.

After Ness and Paula stays overnight at the hotel while Threed is still being overrun by evil zombies, a bellhop will read the paper, which has been named The Zombie Herald. After finding the secret graveyard passage, a Mysterious Woman will appear outside the hotel and go in, revealing that the usual fast-paced hotel music has been horribly distorted and that all the employees have just eerily disappeared. Waiting for Ness and Paula to come after her, she lures them into a room where they get ambushed by zombies and other creatures, forcing Paula to call out for Jeff to come rescue them.

When the zombies are gone, the hotel once again returns to normal, and after Ness wakes up afer capturing the zombies, the bellhop will read the paper, which will state that a young boy has destroyed the Boogey Tent. Another employee will greet Ness, stating that he had heard that a boy in a red baseball cap was ambushed by several zombies, only to realize that Ness is that boy.