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The outside of Thomas's Bazaar
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Thomas's Bazaar is a shop in Mother 3. It's run by Thomas from chapter 1-3, then by his son Nichol in chapters 4-7

The shop (1-3)Edit

Thomas's Bazaar is found in Tazmily Village, west of the Yado Inn. Thomas runs the shop. You can pick up random things there from a Nut to the rare Better Stick. You can also get equips, bombs, and other stuff. Also, the only time you can actually get something from the bazaar is in Chapter 1 and halfway through Chapter 2. In the first part of Chapter 2, it's nightime, and in Chapter 3, Thomas won't let Salsa touch the merchandise.

The shop (4-7)Edit

Thomas now works at the Clayman Factory, so his son Nichol is there. He sells:

-Kids Shirt

-Kids Hat


-Paper Fan

-Alarm Cicada

Like everyone else, Nichol leaves for the big city in chapter 7, so you can't get items there anymore.

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