The outside of Thomas's Bazaar

Thomas's Bazaar is a shop in Mother 3. It's run by Thomas from chapter 1-3, then by his son Nichol in chapters 4-7

The shop (1-3)

Thomas's Bazaar is found in Tazmily Village, west of the Yado Inn. Thomas runs the shop. You can pick up random things there from a Nut to the rare Better Stick. You can also get equips, bombs, and other stuff. Also, the only time you can actually get something from the bazaar is in Chapter 1, the second half of Chapter 2, and certain portions of Chapter 3. In the first part of Chapter 2, it's nighttime, and in Chapter 3, Thomas won't let Salsa touch the merchandise unless Fassad is in the party. It also sells Ancient Bananas, Antidotes, Anti-Paralysis, Edible Mushrooms, Flea Charms, Innit Teas, and Running Bombs. Since Tazmily Village has never had any need for money, all the merchandise is free, further expounding on the game's theme.

The shop (4-7)

Thomas now works at the Clayman Factory, so his son Nichol is there. He sells:

-Kids Shirt

-Kids Hat


-Paper Fan

-Alarm Cicada

Like everyone else, Nichol leaves for the big city in chapter 7, so you can't get items there anymore.