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Sprites Thomas Thomas Worker
Origin Tazmily Village
Relatives Nichol, Richie
Spouse Lisa
Affiliations Thomas's Bazaar, Factory
Appears in Mother 3

Thomas(トマス)is a character in Mother 3. He is the father of Nichol and Richie, and husband to Lisa. He is also the local Tazmily Village fireman and proprietor of Thomas's Bazaar. In the opening sequences of the game, Thomas convenes at Flint's house during a forest fire caused by the Pigmask Army, their earliest known exploit of the Nowhere Islands, after which Thomas temporarily joins Flint until the two discover Lighter incapacitated in the burning forest.

Thomas' predecessor, in terms of combat, is said to be Pokey Minch from EarthBound. This is because Pokey Minch makes no attempt to help Ness, but instead, performs useless actions as Thomas does on the duration of the battle.

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