The World of Mother 2

The World of Mother 2 (ザ ワールド オブ マザー ツー) is a phrase from the Japanese EarthBound manual referring to the side of the globe that Ness's journey takes place in. It consists of Eagleland (which holds Onett, Twoson, Threed, Fourside, Happy Happy Village, Saturn Valley and the Dusty Dunes Desert), FoggyLand (which holds Stonehenge, Toto, Winters and its brother location Summers), and Chommo (which holds Scaraba, Dalaam and the Deep Darkness).


  • In the map of "The World of Mother 2/Earthbound," the map has parallels to the real world and its map. Eagleland is the in-game equivalent of North America, FoggyLand is the in-game equivalent to Europe and Chommo is the in-game equivalent to Asia and Africa. In fact, the map can show were the characters would be from in real life. Ness' hometown, Onett, is located around real world Washington, USA or British Columbia in Canada. Twoson, the home of Paula, is somewhere around Texas in the USA or the very border of Mexico. Winters, were Jeff and his father are based, is located near Murmansk in Russia. Lastly, Poo's country, Dalaam, is somewhere near Pakistan or India in Asia. While all of these locations make sense (like Winters being cold and full of snow like Russia), the amount of time it takes the group to get to each one is kind of confusing. However the world of earthbound could just be generally a lot smaller than ours.
    • South America is not represented in the world of Earthbound as seen on the map, even though what would be South America in-game is seen on the map.