Union Station is an area in EarthBound Beginnings. It is a train station that connects Merrysville , Reindeer and Snowman. After Lloyd blasts the rocks on the tracks in Marrysville (via the rocket in Duncan's Factory), he and Ninten can enter. A woman inside the train will give Ninten a hat she has found, with the name "Ana" monogrammed on it.


The Mother soundtrack, which provided a few songs with vocalized tracks, also had a song for The Paradise Line. The vocals were done by Jeb Million.


The Paradise Special's 

Pullin' into the station 

Hurry up gotta get on board 

Adventure is the ticket 

To our destination 

Come on, now don't be slow 

Here we go, on down the track 

Paradise Special movin' down the track 

Half the fun of travel's 

Just the journey there 

lighten up and enjoy the show 

We're gonna make it now 

With hours to spare 

Hey don't you hear that whistle blow 

Moanin' low, the wheels talk back 

Raisin' a racket like a yakity yak 

Now we're goin' in style 

Let's start wearin' a smile 

Life keeps gettin' better all the time 

So much better 

Takin' the Paradise Line 

Now the locomotive's steamin' 

Like a runaway 

So come on, let's rock and roll 

And by this time tomorrow 

We'll be so far away 

If there's one thing that I know 

Then I know we won't be back 

Paradise Special never comin' back 

Just relax for a while 

Watch the world going by 

Just as long as we're together 

We'll be fine 

Takin' the Paradise Line 

Life is fine 

On the Paradise Line 

You and I On the Paradise Line 

Wave your troubles goodbye

Leave your sadness behind

We can ride away forever you and I

Yeah forever

Takin' the Paradise Line