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Tessie watching club

A few members of the Tessie-Watching Club

The Tessie-Watching Club (also known as the Tessie Watching Society) is a group of scientists in EarthBound who spend most of their time looking through binoculars observing Lake Tess for a sign of Tessie, a monster similar to the Loch Ness Monster. They have a fairly large camp, composed of pup tents on the northern shore of the lake. They are comically unaware of the fact that Tessie emerges from the lake several times to carry Ness's party across the lake. According to the EarthBound Player's Guide, there are 1200 Tessie Watchers. A member by the name of Sebastian is kidnapped and held in the Stonehenge Base, along with other characters such as Dr. Andonuts and Apple Kid.

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