Territorial Oaks are enemies in EarthBound. They are large mobile trees, first encountered by Ness in Peaceful Rest Valley. Territorial Oaks can use Brainshock α, and their bash attack deals moderate to very high damage. They can also perform a vacuum attack, which can lower Ness and co.'s offense and defense at a low rate. Territorial Oaks set themselves on fire once defeated, which causes massive damage to the party, though the move can be dodged if they check their menu when they return from the fight. Because of this, Territorial Oaks bear similarities to the Trees of Mother 3 and Big Woodoh of EarthBound Beginnings. They share similar attacks and they can perform a death action, notoriously the "burst into flames" attack.


The Territorial Oak's ability to make Ness and co. unconscious after it is defeated can potentially cause a glitch. If Ness's whole party is defeated by the Territorial Oak after it has been defeated, the game will say that Ness lost the battle before announcing "YOU WON!" and claiming to reward the character that collapsed last with 4294940287 EXP, possibly a result of trying to divide the normal 356 experience by the number of characters left alive, namely zero. However, the character does not actually receive this and their level does not increase. This glitch only works if there is more than one person alive in Ness's party when the Territorial Oak is defeated. If Ness is alone when this happens, it will always leave him with 1 HP if it causes mortal damage. The windows will appear red, possibly permenantly. After the battle, the screen will appear very glitchy, and you will be teleported to your last save location.


  • Territorial Oak is named Big Woodoh in Japan, which makes its name the same as the EarthBound Beginnings enemy.
  • The amount of experience given by the glitch is very close to 232, or 4294967296, the highest number of values possible on a 32-bit processor. There is a difference of 27009 between the numbers; it is not known what causes this discrepency.