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Failing to use Teleport in EarthBound Beginnings.


Ness emerges from a portal in the intro to Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Teleport is a PSI ability in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound. It works on all characters, enabling them to warp to locations they've previously visited. Teleport is realized in EarthBound Beginnings by Ninten and Ana, and in EarthBound by Ness and Poo.

How Teleport works is that the user must run without crashing into an obstacle. Otherwise, Ninten/Ness and co. will abruptly stop for a brief moment, covered in black soot with frizzing hair. Casting Teleport α, the user must run in a straight line without fail. Casting Teleport β, the user must run in an expanding circle without fail.

According to the examine text of Teleport β, it is also known as the "Teleport Tornado."

In EarthBound BeginningsEdit

Users PP Cost Target Effect Comments Description
Ninten, Ana 3 To all of us N/A Teleport to previously-visited towns. Allows you to immediately return to a place where you have already been.

In EarthBoundEdit

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Comments Description
α Ness, Poo 2 To all of us N/A Teleport to a place where you've previously been. Allows you to immediately return to a place where you have already been. You need a good running approach for this to work.
β Ness, Poo 8 To all of us N/A Requires less acceleration room than Teleport α. Allows you to immediately return to a place where you have already been. You don't need a running approach to use this. It is also called the "Tornado Teleport."



Kumatora's and Duster's unused teleport sprite.

  • Ness' entrance in Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS resembles his game's failure animation of Teleport α.
  • The use of a Skip sandwich (including DX) increases the speed and the effectiveness of Teleports α and β.
  • Teleport was originally known as Teleportation in Mother; it was renamed in later releases.
  • Oddly enough, there are unused animations in Mother 3 in which Duster and Kumatora jump and then disappear, meaning that the Teleport would have returned in Mother 3 but got scrapped, possibly due the fact that there were no towns in the game other than Tazmily and New Pork City of Chapter 8, another fact is that because the player could run or use vehicles like the Pork Bean or the Saturn Table it became redundant.
  • When you enter the Deep Darkness, a monkey asks you if it's true that the monkeys in the desert can teleport. When he finds out they can, he wants to learn how to but when he teleports, he goes in a rectangular motion. This can be done with Teleport α if you press the directional pad while building up momentum.

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