A Teddy Bear is an item in EarthBound that, when obtained, follows Ness around like a partner or party member would. In battle, Teddy Bears will occasionally (75% of the time for normal attacks) take hits from oncoming enemies for Ness and his friends. Some attacks like PSI Magnet will always target them and are ineffective. The Teddy Bear has approximately 100 HP, and after taking enough damage, it will be reduced to a mere pile of fluff and removed from the inventory of whichever character was wielding it. Though PK/PSI Healing and Lifeup are ineffective, use of Shields and PSI Shields that affect the entire party will work fine. If the player gives one to Ness's little sister, Tracy, directly or via Escargo Express, taking it back will refill its health. The Super Plush Bear is a stronger version of the Teddy Bear.

Because the party can only have four members at a time, the highest number of Teddy Bears in the party is equal to the number of empty spaces in the party. If the player has more Teddy Bears in their inventory than empty spaces in the party, they will automatically replace any destroyed Teddy Bears.

Teddy Bears can be bought for $178 at the Twoson Department Store.


  • In Mother 3, two Teddy Bears also make cameo appearances in King P.'s playroom in Thunder Tower. However, their sprite has changed slightly between games.